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I have an idea, how can I get in contact to  commission a project? 

Where do you find your models? Who are these people?
I involve people from various avenues, and very often work with strangers. “Who” they are is a pretty open-ended question and not one that I can fully take on! If you would like to be involved in a project feel free to reach out!

Are the prints made with materials that are archival?
Yes. The archival quality of the prints also depends on framing options and the environmental conditions that the print is kept in (moisture, sunlight, temperature).

What are the sizes of limited edition prints?
This depends on the piece. They range from 30” x 20” to 43” x 78”. 

Do prints come with a certificate of authenticity?

I’ve purchased a print, how should it be displayed?
This varies on the print. Information on framing, mounting and upkeep will be given, although this is ultimately up to the buyer.

What’s next?
You can check out the news page or follow @chewonthisart 

Can I feature/publish your work?
Please get in contact via email first

How should work be cited?
Image(s) courtesy of the artist: Libby Oliver, “title of work”, medium, year. Please cite 


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